The Top 6 Places in Kansas You Should Visit

Not to be confused with Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas – this is a vibrant and historically rich city and if you travel then there are already many wonderful places to see things and attractions. Situated on the border of Kansas City, about 250 miles west of St. Louis, this city is one of the only cities in the United States, which is located on the border of two states, Kansas and Missouri.

It is important to note that the Missouri side is the place where do not forget about the renovated downtown area, many museums, historical areas, and the rich history of this great city.

On the side of Kansas, the city is mostly made up of suburbs and in reality, there is a lack of many areas of genuine interest. When traveling to this great city you will need AVIS car rental Wichita ks services.

The city was financially damaged during the Civil War, but it was later revived during the Railway Train Revolution, which saw thousands of godowns in the state. Today, there is a mixture of cultures and ethnicities in the city, which has created a vibrant city area with art, science, shopping areas and professional sports teams, which, of course, Earned your rights, in Midwest City. The following are the top places you need to visit in Kansas:

Kansas City Zoo

One of the largest and most complete zoos in the entire United States, this park boasts a wonderful hundred acres of land that sits on it. It is really huge, so they have tram-trains from one end of the zoo to the other end, where the two-hour walk can be done for both sides on foot. The zoo presents animals around the world and it is so popular that the park sees about three-quarters of a million visitors annually. Do not forget to take a guided train visit to the zoo, in fact, enjoy all the performances you have presented.


Kansas City, MO Perhaps the oldest historical neighborhood in the entire city, and in this state, some buildings built of red brick in this area are so old that it was used as a checkpoint for settlers and pioneers. In addition to history and many protected buildings, this area is decorated with a large number of unique restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, boutiques, and cafes.

18th & Vine District

This is the number one place you should see if you find yourself in this great city. It is notable that musicians from around the world are called jazz, and this site was an inspiration for some great jazz.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Experience some of the most famous art pieces in the world directly. Just you can be told some of the artist’s works, which you can see here. The museum has several sections, including a real Egyptian tomb.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

This great museum of contemporary art has many different facets. From the top, the building is designed to look like a bird with flying wings. Inside, spectators can enjoy some of the world’s most outstanding contemporary art.

The above are some of the places you need to visit in this great city of Kansas. The city has numerous attractions sites which attract many visitors. The rental24h Wichita is important in facilitating travelers movement to each of these places.

Natural Sights to Visit in Miami, Part 2

For Part One of This List, proceed here.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park has the status of an international biosphere reserve and covers more than 6 thousand square kilometers. This is mostly untouched wildlife. The Everglades’ territory keeps over 2000 species of various plants and many animals, some of which are endangered species. The natural landscape is also very diverse – it’s presented with swamps, prairies, mangroves and cypress thickets. You can move around the territory either by car or on foot, or by bicycle. Boat excursions are very popular too, since most of the park is located on the water.

Everglades National Park USA

(photo by Earl No Little Finger)

There are a lot of routes to explore the park – the choice depends on the time that the tourist has and his personal preferences. Also, you’ll be able to choose itineraries according on the current season and the place where the trip began. In the park you can stay overnight or even spend your vacation. The admission to the territory costs $25 for a car and $8 for a pedestrian. The ticket is valid for 7 days. You can purchase annual subscriptions. The park is always open, at any time of the year and day.

Address: 40001 State Road 9336, FL

Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens are located in Pinecrest, which is a suburb of Miami-Dade County. Earlier this place was the popular theme park Parrot Jungle, but it was moved to Watson Island, and the botanical garden remained and pleases visitors with a well-groomed territory and convenient infrastructure. In addition to walking through shady alleys and admiring plants and animals – turtles, swans, lizards, herons, the park offers a large number of entertainments for children. They include the contact zoo, as well as Splash & Play gaming area with attractions and water activities, giant chess and checkers, fish feeding and performances at the local amphitheater.

Pinecrest Gardens

(photo by Kyle Wicomb)

On Sundays from 9am till 2pm an organic farmers market takes place there, where you can buy organic products from local producers – fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, honey and herbs. The park is open from 9-10am till 5-6pm, depending on the season and day of the week. The ticket costs $5, for children under 2 years old admission is free of charge.




Welcome to Miami! Natural Sights to Hit Your Eyes

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

For many tourists, Miami is associated with the fashionable seaside resort: the ocean, the yachts, famous rappers and their supermodels, expensive hotels and restaurants with a strict dress code. In many respects, this is true, but Miami is also known for its unique nature, parks and green areas, where any tourist can spend an excellent vacation. After visiting them, you are guaranteed to discover the capital of Florida from the new side, because there really is something to see, especially if you rent a car from Enterprise at the airport. Personal transport will greatly increase your chances for a stunning vacation, but don’t forget that under 21 car rental in Miami is not available.

So, what natural sights of Miami are worth traveling to?

The Barnacle Historic State Park

The Barnacle Historic State Park is perfect for a walk and picnic in in the open air. The park houses the mansion of Ralph Munro, the yacht designer and founder of Coconut Grove, in which Barnacle is located. Thanks to the respect for the nature of the owner of the estate, you can watch the birds in the park. What’s more, the number of the birds is much greater than in other parks of Miami. Munro House is a one-story building erected in the 19thcentury -this is the oldest house in Miami-Dade.

Barnacle Historic State Park

(photo by Fernando Knebel)

The cost of entry to the park is $2, while children under 6 years old are free of charge. The park is open from Wednesday to Monday from 9am till 5pm. A visit to the mansion is possible only in organized groups from Friday to Monday, or by appointment on Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays the park is closed. A ticket to the mansion costs $3 for adults and $1 for children 6-12 years old.

Address: 3485 Main Hwy, Miami

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden covers the area of ​​34 hectares and boasts of an extensive collection of tropical plants, including palm trees, orchids, coral trees, rare species of flowers and plants. One of them is the blooming amorphophallus – the largest flower in the world, which blooms only 72 hours 3-4 times in a lifetime. In addition, on the territory of the botanical garden you’ll find a waterfall, lakes, and the whole water garden. You can drive through the garden with a tram tour.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

(photo by Jean-Christophe Veilleux)

Also, visitors can admire exotic butterflies while feeding them. The show is called “Wings of the Tropics” and takes place in the greenhouse of the Clinton family. The Botanical Garden was founded by R. Montgomery and named after his friend, Dr. Fairchild, through whose journeys the collection of the garden was enriched with rare plant species, and some of them were first brought to the United States. Ticket price is $25 for adults, $12 for children from 2-12 years old. Opening hours: daily from 9.30am till 4.30pm.

Address: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables

5 Most Famous Hotels in USA

When it comes to traveling there always questions like. Where to stay? How do I get there? And many more. There is a huge list of hotels in USA, good ones and bad ones either.

If you are a young traveler, there is always a question about car rental. A lot of these companies do not give the car for rent if you have not reached some specific age. If you are looking for under 25 car rental then here is a list with companies who offer that:

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  • Dollar

So, here is a list of most famous hotels.

  1. The Plaza New York

One of the most famous hotel in the whole USA. Many of you might recognize this hotel from the famous movie ’Home Alone 2’’.

This hotel will be fit for everyone’s needs. Starting from rooms, that are not only great and comfortable but also, there are many types for everyone until even eating, they have a restaurant in them also.

  1. The Grand Hotel

It’s located in Mackinac Island, MI. Since the hotel opening, there has been almost every president.

This hotel is comfortable and with a great view from it. And it’s not even the most expensive one for the standards they have.

  1. West Baden Springs

Located in French Lick, IN. This hotel has been visited by Al Capone many times, that could only mean they are doing great work and having great service.

Standard rooms are not the most expensive. But the most expensive suite is one of the highest in this whole list and that is ten thousand dollars for a night.

  1. The Greenbrier


It is located in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

In this hotel, you can even take a tour through the secret nuclear fallout shelter built in 1968. This is quite an expensive hotel starting from standard rooms which cost five hundred dollars per night until even the most expensive suite which costs twenty-five thousand dollars for a night. That is the highest in this list.

  1. US Grant

Located in San Diego. It’s in a great location and it has really great looks from inside and outside either.

Costs for this hotel is not expensive, you can get a room for a smaller price also.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, it’s quite important where you are staying. Because when you are traveling it’s good to feel comfortable and you can see more if the hotel is in a good location.

If you use Sixt for under 25 car rental, don’t forget they also offer student discount, which can be really handful.

Top Places To Visit In USA While On Your Road Trip

The USA is considered as one of the major drivable states in the worldThe highway connects all the major cities, which makes most of Alaska available to anyone who has gas in their cars. In the United States, each city is completely different. Some are adapted for buses, others are adapted for cars, others for the metro. The best cities to travel in the United States are those that can be easily accessed by car, which has ample parking and is worth traveling around the city. Which ones meet all these criteria? Hir a vehicle to see the best places in the United States to plan your trip.


Before the Big Dig tunnel, the entrance to Boston was a nightmare. Now it’s a little less of a nightmare. Driving in Boston is not for people with weak nerves, but getting a car in the city is probably the fastest way to see the city. The parking lots are not always numerous, but the tourist places are. Try dining in the famous North End, take a cruise to the Boston Harbor Islands or walk the famous Freedom Trail from the city’s sights.


This city was created with a guide in mind. Unlike most of the older cities on the East Coast, which are victims of poorly planned highways, Seattle has an excellent road network to get in and out of the city. As in all major cities, there is traffic, but it is a breeze similar to traffic in New York or Los Angeles. The most important places in Seattle are Pike’s Place, Space Needle, and Seattle Lockside.

San Francisco

On television, it seems that San Francisco has been designed for trams and rides. Spend the day walking through the hills, and you will understand that soon you will run out or take a taxi! Fortunately, if you stay in San Francisco, most hotels have affordable parking and, sometimes, free parking. If you stop at Fisherman’s Wharf, you can easily reach most of the attractions along the coast.

Kansas City

The city of Kansas City is located in the center of the United States and includes two states and the Missouri River. Named the city of sources, Kansas City has the largest number of fountains in the world outside of Rome. Thanks to the revitalization of the center and some of the best barbecues in the country, Kansas City has interesting architecture, such as American jazz and the historical museum, such as the Liberty Memorial (which houses the World War I Museum). In terms of management capacity, the city could not be easier to configure. The I-70, I-35, and I-69 are easy routes to the city, while the I-435 makes a gigantic journey through the city.


You probably do not live near Denver. That’s why it’s a great destination. Denver is not just a big city that has to stay, it offers incredible scenery in the north, it’s worth planning a trip. Rocky Mountain National Park, about 52 miles northwest, is best seen during the warmer months of the year when roads are covered in snow and snow.

The above places are the best to explore while on your road trip to the USA. Hir a vehicle to explore the best places in the US.